We ship anywhere in Japan

To place order call or email us.

Y500 except for Okinawa

               Custom Vegan Cakes

                                          Please call to discuss your cake

Bio grown tomatoes from Nagano.  Makes fantastic bloody mary or awesome straight up with hot spices and a celery stick.  ¥1280

classic vegan brownies.  Wonderful with hot cocoa or mulled wine.

christmas cookies!  changes daily ¥250

Panpepato - deep & rich chocolate with organic fruits and nuts.  a great gift idea and very easy to ship.  ¥2000

Organic ginger syrup from Okinawa.  Great for drinks, smoothies and for baking.  Ingredients include ginger, honey & lemon grass. ¥1680

Vegan Scones.  Best to eat at cafe warmed up and served with tofu cream or take home to eat right away or the next day. 

<<<<<< Christmas cake - vegan stout cake with

              figs using   Yorocco beer!  Eat & drink

              local at the same time!   ¥600

8-3-22 Sakurayama, zushi